The source tree

BetterFORM is organized into several modules which correspond to directories in the root of the source tree. All modules (except ‘tools’) share the same substructure which is inspired by the defaults used in Maven. Typically you’ll find a ‘build.xml’ in the root of each directory which is the build file for the respective artifact.

The modules are:

  • betty (formely Convex) – currently stalled
    contains an integration of the XForms processor in a Java applet. This module is currently not actively developed due to lack of resources (and probably interest of users)
  • core
    contains the core XForms Processor implementation in Java
  • resource
    contains all resources used by the other modules like CSS, scripts, XSLT files and images. Also is the home of all forms (including reference forms and their xml sources) that are bundled with betterFORM.
  • tools
    a collection of tools used with betterFORM. Each tool lives in a separate directory along with its build file. Use this at your own risk. The tools are at various stages of maturity.
  • web
    besides the ‘core’ module this is one of the most important modules. It contains the integration of the XFormsProcessor into a web application.
  • XRX
    contains all files belonging to the integration in eXist DB.
  • Zaphod
    is a small module that allows to run betterFORM side-by-side with another webapp. XForms documents can be stored in your own webapp but be handled by the betterFORM webapp which lives in its own context.

At build time a ‘target’ directory will be created under the respective directory. This will contain the build results when certain targets have been executed.

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