This is the main documentation page for betterFORM. If you have suggestions regarding the content, miss some important topic or find mistakes please comment on the relevant page so we can improve the documents. Thanks.

User guide

  1. Introduction to betterFORM
  2. Why use betterFORM?
  3. System Requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Working with forms
    1. What’s XForms authoring?
    2. Some XForms basics
    3. Some guidelines to writing forms
    4. Page layout
    5. Styling controls
    6. The mighty ‘appearance’ attribute
    7. Using Schema datatypes
  6. Handling data
  7. Modularizing forms
  8. JavaScript API
  9. Model to Model communication
  10. Best practices
  11. Useful links

Developer guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Usages of betterFORM
  3. Developer resources
  4. The Architecture
  5. Development Requirements
  6. Working with the sources
  7. The source tree explained
  8. Building betterFORM
  9. Setting up a project with betterFORM
  10. Integration scenarios
  11. Short introduction to the XFormsProcessor API
  12. Zaphod – two webapps side-by-side
  13. Configuration
  14. howto enable SSL
  15. Extending betterFORM
    1. Connectors
    2. User agents
    3. XPath functions
    4. custom controls and containers

XML application guide

  1. Introduction to betterFORM XRX
  2. Installation
  3. Getting started
  4. The architecture
  5. Building the sources
  6. Deploying an arbitrary version of betterFORM into eXist
  7. Structuring your XML application

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

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  • 1. Tony Corless  |  September 24, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Be great to have a PDF of all the documentation and/or “next”/”previous” links on the pages


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