Developer resources

betterFORM links



betterFORM homepage The betterFORM homepage
Source code repository at github betterFORM uses Git as its version control system. It is hosted at Github and makes it easy to create your own forks of the project.
Sourceforge project page Sourceforge project page
Trac ticket system Issue tracking system for betterFORM. Also contains some information about milestones
Mailinglist subscription page Here you can subscribe to one of the betterFORM mailinglists

Developer list archive

The archive for the betterFORM developer list. This list is dedicated to developers working on betterFORM itself. It is not a forum for asking questions about usage of betterFORM.

User list archive

The archive of the betterFORM users list. This list is the place to ask questions about betterFORM in general, its usage and potential isssues you have.

Other useful resources



W3C XForms Working Group The official homepage of the W3C XForms standard
XForms 1.1 Recommendation This is the full text of the XForms 1.1 recommendation
XForms 1.1 Quick Reference A short reference of all XForms elements and attributes
XForms Wikibook Recommended source for learning about XForms with many examples.

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