betterFORM 5 final released

October 10, 2014 at 1:48 pm Leave a comment

We are happy to announce the final release of betterFORM 5.

Version 5 brings hundreds of improvements over Version 4 (limegreen) and has extensively tested and heavily used in real world applications and can be considered the most mature and stable version of betterFORM ever. The detail changes are too numerous to be listed in detail. The curious might however browse the list of changes on Github.

Here a list of the more prominent changes:

  • XForms sessions can now be be configured to persist to disk after a
    preconfigured limit is reached. This dramatically improves scalability
    even with limited memory resources as long as disk space is available.
    XForms sessions may now remain active for ever!
  • Libraries betterFORM depends upon have been upgraded to latest versions. Most noteably now Saxon 9.4 is used.
  • An XML:db connector for eXistdb has been added.
  • Multiple MIPs on a single node are now possible
  • Model-based alerting, individual alerts for single constraint, multiple alerts per node
  • Custom MIPs
  • countless detail improvements to client-side controls

betterFORM 5 can be downloaded from Github.

Have fun.


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